How Much do Americans Spend on Candy?

The power of the sweet tooth

Each day, Americans spend over $15,000 a minute, almost $1,000,000 an hour and over $22,000,000 on candy alone. The manufacturers spend millions monthly keeping the product in front of the public. You couldn't have a product that is more in demand! You pay absolutely nothing to advertise. Unlike most businesses, it's done for you.

Sure, Americans are spending billions on diets and low-cal and fat-free foods. But if everyone is so hell-bent on eating right, why did the average American gobble up more than 24 pounds of candy in 2015 compared to only 16 pounds in 2010? (Source: U.S. Department of Commerce)

Based on figures from the U.S. Commerce Department, the trade association reported that Americans spent approximately $25 billion on 7.1 billion pounds of sweets last year, at least HALF of that sold from vending machines. The record-breaking numbers for 2015 indicate that the typical American consumed a minimum of 2 pounds of candy a month, continuing a trend that has been growing for the past five years.

Who Eats the Most Candy?

While most children are Voracious candy eaters, ADULTS actually consume more candy than both children and teenagers Combined. Adults consume 55% of all candy.

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